Our inventory of arches!

Triangular Arch

This arch is perfect for the non-conventional bride who wants her wedding to stand out a little bit! It can be broken down into four units so it’s easy to transport and assemble! Average time setting up is 5 minutes.

Measurements: Peak is 7 ft. Tall

Red Wood Arch

This arch is larger than the Dark Wood arch, with reddish brown wood accents. It comes in three parts that easily fit into each other without needing a drill!

Measurements: 7.5 Ft Tall X 5 ft. Wide
Materials Needed: None!

Dark Wood Rectangular Arch

This classic arch is always a favorite and it can be transformed to fit any floral style. It can be broken down into 5 simple units so it’s easy to transport and assemble.

Measurements: 7 ft. Tall X 4 ft. Wide
Materials Needed: Drill

Cross Arch

This rich, wooden arch is perfect for couples wanting to add a religious element to their ceremony. It is easy to assemble and transport with only two parts.

Measurements: 7.5 ft. Tall
Materials Needed: Drill

Copper Arch

This copper arch is perfect for a simple ceremony site or to go behind the sweetheart table. It’s easy to transport and you can put it together within 5 minutes! If you’re using it outside, definitely bring sandbags to secure the base!

Measurements: 7 ft. H X 5 Ft. W
Materials Needed: Sandbags if outside

Circle Arch

This circle arch is extremely popular and we understand why! It is made from solid steel and can be used inside with steel plates or outside with 18” ground stakes (included with the rental).

Measurements: 81" tall in center x 87" wide x 20" front to back
Materials Needed: Hammer if using it outside.

Broken Arch

This structure is perfect to create the broken arch look for any wedding! With two heavy bases to secure the pipes, the structure should be sturdy anywhere inside or outside.

Base Measurements: 16” X 14” and 10 lbs each
Pipe Measurements: 2 poles at 6 ft. and 2 poles at 3 ft.
Materials Needed: Drill

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