4 Things to Look For When Picking Out Grocery Store Flowers!

80 % of the flowers in this bouquet came from a grocery store, and you can’t even tell!

80 % of the flowers in this bouquet came from a grocery store, and you can’t even tell!

So, we’ve all been there...marveling at the blooms in Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Kroger, attempting to pick out the PERFECT flowers to fill our homes, decorate for a bridal shower or brighten up our workspace. How many of us have ever come home, arranged our flowers just so, and ended up disappointed with the quality of the flowers we so carefully selected? I mean, I’ve definitely been there, and it is disappointing to say the least!

Because of my experience in the flower industry, I now know exactly what kinds of quality blooms to look out for so that I never have to face flower failure again. Get out a notebook or snap a pic of these four tricks so you can walk out of your next grocery trip feeling confident about your flower purchase!

1. The tighter the bloom, the longer it will last.

Blooms open up over time, and tighter buds signify freshness. I love using this technique because I can typically get several days (sometimes even a week!) out of these flowers. Now, if you need the flowers for an event that day, definitely buy the open flowers. But if not, buy the tighter blooms and enjoy them all week long!

2. Check the stems for freshness.

Sometimes a beautiful bloom can be deceiving. But you won’t get fooled as long as you remember to check the stems. If they are wilting or slimy, the flowers aren’t actually at their healthiest. Take a careful look at the stems to make sure they are clean and there is no mold that has built up. 

3. Give em’ a shake!

Okay so hear me out- I know this might sound like a strange thing to do in a grocery store, BUT it’s necessary if you want to ensure you’re buying quality items! Turn the bouquet upside down and shake it like you would as though you’re pouring salt all over your plate. If the blooms shed, they are old and dying. This method works for filler flowers such as baby’s breath, stock, delphinium, wax flowers, etc. This strategy is not as useful for hearty or heavy blooms like roses or tulips. 

4.  For the best roses, feel the bloom for firmness!

We all love roses -- they’re romantic, beautiful and freshen up any space! To get the best ones, feel the “head” (ie, the bloom) of the rose and see how firm or soft it is. If you are buying roses for the day of, the softer heads are better because they will open up quickly. However, if you want your roses to last, make sure the head is firm. The firmer it is, the newer it is, and the longer they will stay alive.

Okay, ya’ll got this!! Pick out those flowers out with confidence- I can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Kelly Horn

Echoes of Eden Founder

Kelly Horn