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2021 Floral Trends


Dyed florals entered the floral scene a few years ago with the infamous brownie tulips. These were all the rage - selling out of wholesales so quickly. Over the next few years, dyed florals have become more and more popular and will become a staple in all the trendy 2021 weddings. Their unique color and textures leave guests in awe PLUS they photograph SO well!

2. Dried Florals

Dried florals will continue to make statements - especially in big installations. Pampas grass, lunaria, preserved palms, and bleached ruscus will provide unique textures in bouquets, arches, and centerpieces. A bonus for these?! They are sustainable, can be used multiple times for events, reducing wedding waste!

Photo- Green Wedding Shoes

Photos- Pampas People

3. Non Traditional Roses

Traditional roses are out, and unique varieties are IN! Toffee, combo, cafe latte, golden mustard, cappuccino, and koko loko roses are filling up my 2021 proposals to brides. In fact, these became so popular at the end of 2020 that they were almost impossible to find.

Koko Loko

Golden Mustard

Toffee Rose

Cafe Latte Rose

cappucinno Rose

4. Carnations

Carnations have far too long gotten a bad rep. Antique carnations are changing that. These new varieties are taking the floral world by storm! Best part? They are still one of the cheapest blooms.

All images above are from Flirt Fleurs.

5. Technicolor & Vibrant Color Pallets

Say hello to the newest trend in florals - vibrant color pallets that aren’t afraid to dazzle and amaze! These florals do not just blend into the background, but truly make a statement throughout the day. Think lollapalooza meets modern design!

Photo- Green Wedding Shoes Photo-Potted Pansy

Photo-Feather and Arrow Events Photo- Green Wedding Shoes

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