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Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly

From it's inception, Echoes of Eden has always been dedicated to handling our leftovers and waste in the most environmentally friendly manner. Now three years out we are proud to still be standing by our name and efforts to return the care and preserve the beauty that that the earth has so bountifully given us.

In the floral business we are so fortunate to be surrounded by some of Nature's finest work on a daily basis. Because we source and pull directly from the earth it is ever present how much our livelihood, success, and ability to pursue our passions is directly tied to it's health. Therefore, we are always searching for better and more green procedures and products.


Recycling is one of the most basic and beneficial practices we subscribe to as Echoes of Eden. Most all of our floral products come to us in paper and cardboard, over the course of a week with an average of 1-2 events, that can easily result in 5 lbs of cardboard. You then look at those numbers in a span of a year and you're left with quite the pile of cardboard. By making bi-weekly trips to the recycling facility, we are able to keep that packaging waste out of landfills and put back to proper use.


Composting is one of the easiest ways to ensure everything we take and use from the earth can be given back in a beneficial way. Our materials return as nutrient-rich soil and helps make an amazing environmental difference. By reducing the amount of trash we send to the landfill and instead diverting our leftover greenery and flower scraps to be composted, we are also investing in our local growers and the future of our floral community.


Another great way to be more intentional as a floral designer, starts in the same place as any good installation...the mechanics. For decades floral foam has ruled the market, but as a single use plastic the negatives strongly out way the convenience. We choose to be very mindful with how we build our structures and moving away from products such a floral foam as much as possible is extremely important for eco-friendly minded florists. Some of our go-to substitutes are chicken wire, Spanish moss, and proper vases for the same stability and design.

Collab with local Floral Community

Finally, a great way to not only cut down on your own material consumption as a floral designer, but to build a true and lasting bond with other designers is to lean into your local floral community. By sharing and trading inventory as needed, we cut down on the overproduction and consumption of products like vases, stands, candlesticks ect.

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