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Sourcing Locally and Sustainably

Not only is it often times one of the most fun highlights of our week, but the impact of sourcing as much as possible from local farms is a mutually beneficial option that helps our local community, our clients and our planet.

Here at Echoes of Eden, we are all about making the floral process as localized as we can for our clients. That is why we go out of our way to source as much as possible from our local farmers in the area. One of our closest growers is Emily (@basilandbergamot) of Basil and Bergamot in Whites Creek, Tennessee. Emily is a biodynamic flower grower, which means that her practices go beyond organic growing. While normal agricultural practices tend to erode soil quality over time, biodynamic farming is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach that in fact benefits the health of the soil.

Sourcing product locally is also a great way to benefit the local economy. When you choose to invest money in your local growers and farmers your money is spent supporting those community members as opposed to the larger chain suppliers. Moreover, these local farmers are able to keep more of the profits and be more successful without the extra transportation and distribution charges. It also helps to create and sustain jobs for your neighbors and friends who are truly part of your every day world and it gives the entire community the ability to be more fruitful and lucrative long term. This transfers into how it directly benefits us as a similar small business. We are able to work cohesively for and with each other to grow our respective brands, hold each other accountable while also taking pride in our sufficiency and ability to serve our neighborhood.

Lastly, we not only help our local growers and our community, but this commonwealth mindset directly benefits our clients in so many ways too. Working with as many local vendors as possible gives our clients the ability to have a very hands on experience. With much more flexibility and control, they can have a stronger hand in the process as well as the ability to build a personal relationship with the suppliers. Moreover, the uniqueness and variety of product we can offer them is so much wider and extensive. All of these factors combined result in a much more meaningful and rewarding process for our clients looking to plan a memorable event.

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