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Travel Florals, Destination Weddings, and Elopements, OH MY!

Whether you're planning a big destination wedding in Italy or a small elopement in the Joshua Trees, flowers should not be a compromise in your planning process. As avid lovers of travel, The Echoes of Eden team is ready to follow you to the ends of the earth to make your special day come true.

Planning a destination wedding or an elopement can be a very fun yet challenging experience. The key to making your floral dream travel with you is to find a florist who truly understands your vision and works with you to make it all become a reality. Whether you are a Nashville local wanting to use our services elsewhere or you've seen our work and want to contract us from afar, we are so excited to work with you.

For those clients who are looking to work with us through long distance, let us put your mind to ease by setting up a video call, first date style, and let's get to know each other. We will trade inspo photos like old friends and before you know it, something magical will be in the works. Communication is key and we will do our very best to stay on top of all the details from location scouting to weather watching.

For our clients local to Nashville, we can help eliminate any guesswork with the designing process and make it easier for you to have as much of a hand in the process as you would like. We will work with you to assess the site and plan for any regulations they may have in terms of floral allowance. We will also work with the venue to establish the best import/export tactics as well as a defining good working space.

Whether a big destination wedding or a small elopement, the attention to detail is critical in terms of planning an event in unfamiliar territory. From wedding budget to travel requirements, you must have a great deal of faith in who you hire. By partnering with vendors who are as equally invested in your happiness and peace of mind you can have confidence in the process and results.

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