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our values

Who we are and what we believe


The Foundatio



Flowers are a gift. We believe that we have responsibility to honor the gift of earth by creating as low waste as possible through composting, recycling and designing foam free. 

Additionally, we want to create a work-life that allows healthy balance so we can explore this art form for decades.


We believe that clear communication and expectations allow for a seamless, peaceful experience for our clients and fellow vendors during the fast pace of wedding preparation and execution .


We value originality in both our floral design and our business practices. Or goal is to develop 

unique methods that are inspirational to both the creative and business industries.


We believe everything we do should be done with a specific purpose in mind that honors our values and our clients.

The Mission

  1. To provide a STABLE and HEALTHY workplace for women. 

  2. To deliver a customized, UNIQUE and PROFESSIONAL experience for clients at a variety of budgets.

  3. To educate creative industries in SUSTAINABLE business practices via the team based model.

  4. To uphold and push forward the INTEGRITY of the creative industry.

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